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Lisa Biase has represented United Financial Services Group for the past five years and we have found her to be excellent in every area that we required legal counsel. Initially, when I worked with her in revising our FDD I found her suggestions to be well thought out and legally sound and yet she always remained open to the business side of our concerns. Moreover, her work is always accurate and completed on time. I also have had the opportunity of working with her in a few cases where she represented us in mediation and in court. When necessary, she was able to provide us with a strong aggressive defense that allowed us to prevail in important cases; and the precedents set from those cases helped prevent further problems from arising.

Knowledgeable, easy to work with, open to the business side of things and strong and decisive when called for, she has all the qualities that a franchisor looks for in an attorney.

She has my warmest recommendation.

John J. Leonard
Chief Operating Officer
United Financial Services Group, Inc.
d/b/a United Check Cashing®

I was THRILLED with Lisa’s services in representing me as a prospective franchisee! At the outset, she was sensitive to my need to budget for legal expenses and provided a flat fee where she could. Her review of the FDD was prompt, thorough and comprehensive. And when it came time to negotiate the Franchise Agreement, I could not have a better advocate. I had some real, substantive issues to conquer which she handled with complete professionalism and expertise. In addition, Lisa provided me with a road map which I used when I was doing my due diligence on the franchisor.

The quality of her representation was not at all affected because I was out of state. All of our communications were on the phone or by e-mail and the process from start to finish was entirely smooth. She did a tremendous job for me, and I am more than happy to recommend her to others.

Lewis Fogel
Owner, Sandler Training® franchise

Lisa, you were a life saver! You provided timely, expert advice and consultation. You worked with me not just as a lawyer but as a business partner, and because of that, avoided fees that would have been extremely costly to my business. For example, if you had not pushed back against paying royalties at contract execution rather than the date when the State approves my license, my business would have taken thousands of dollars in losses ... You are the BEST!!!

Ret. Maj. Kenneth J. Green
Owner, ComForcare Senior Services® franchise

After experiencing unsatisfactory results with 3 previous franchise attorneys, I was becoming a bit dismayed about the legal representation of my company. Lisa was highly recommended to me with superior honors through franchise affiliates, so I decided to go through the process one more time. I am SO glad I did, because Lisa is a keeper! Lisa is the real deal in franchise law. She is brilliant in her field, a great educator, and a true advocate to her clients. You never have to follow up with Lisa, as she always beats you to the finish line! I have never witnessed anyone in this profession who works so quickly and thoroughly to complete projects, defeat deadlines, and promptly return calls or emails. Her follow through is flawless.

Lisa and her firm are all about building trust and confidence with clients, in a specialty which exudes her expertise and wisdom. I look forward to a long-term, rewarding partnership.

Thank you, Lisa, for signing everything you do with excellence.

Cathy Morse
Founder, CEO, and Franchisor
Made in the Shade Blinds & More®

As a start-up franchisor which is comprised of several different owners, we knew we wanted to convert our independent business to a franchise system the correct way. We knew that if we stumbled in the beginning, it could mean disaster for our business. So we chose Lisa and are incredibly pleased that we did. Lisa’s expertise and guidance on our documents, the registration/renewal process and operations advice has been indispensable. She is so dedicated to her clients and is always extremely responsive to our needs. She is such a nice person who gets along with the entire Shilla Warrior Team. We could not ask for more than what Lisa offers.

Scott Blumberg
Shilla Warrior Martial Arts™ Franchise System

If you are thinking of buying a franchise or negotiating an area/master development agreement, you really need to find an attorney that specializes in business franchise laws and regulations. I met Lisa Biase at the International Franchise Show in New York City and hired her to review the FDD and guide me through the many franchise law regulations that can be quite daunting for even the most seasoned business owners and negotiators. Many of the franchise agreements can be difficult to comprehend. Lisa was a great advisor, she was able to explain the contract language and the pitfalls, what my risks would be if I signed and how to position myself to avoid them if possible. Not having a franchise attorney to help guide me through the process before I signed the contract would have been a poor decision on my part. I look forward to continuing to work with the Law Offices of Lisa A. Biase, P.C. and I recommend anyone considering the purchase of a franchise to retain them as their legal counsel as well.

David Colón,
Owner, BCM® Franchise
Area Representative, BCM® Franchise System

Lisa's legal knowledge and expertise of franchise law were invaluable to me as a new franchisee. Lisa provided exceptional insight into and feedback on the critical Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), ensuring I understood each section of the Document and how it applied to the purchase of my franchise. The fact that Lisa also has expertise in employment law allowed me to prepare my Employee Handbook with her guidance, ensuring that I was compliant with current state laws. Her firm is top-notch, as it provided one-stop shopping for quality legal services. As a result, I was able to focus on the successful launch of my business which was critical.

Alphonse Murasso
Owner, SuperCuts® franchise

As a new multi-unit franchise purchaser, my business partner and I were concerned on finding the correct law firm to put us in the best position starting out. Lisa Biase and her firm provided the legal backing that made us very comfortable throughout the entire process of review, negotiation, and final signing. Her insistence on key language inclusions during her various SCORE workshops presentations, stuck with us and made it an easy decision to retain her firm when we found our franchise opportunity. No negotiations are easy, but we felt like we were represented in a way that kept the playing field "even" and got us across the finish line within our intended timeline. One of our best early decisions in our franchise build out!

Charles Vinci
Co-Owner, 18/8® Fine Men’s Salons Franchises

When I decided to open a small business, I needed a trustworthy advisor to help me through the various hurdles one must clear in going into business for oneself. Lisa’s proficiency as a legal and business advisor was essential to me. She not only assessed the pro’s and con’s of buying a franchise versus launching an independent business, she drafted an operating agreement for my business entity which was rather complex, and negotiated a commercial lease rather quickly so that I could obtain the ideal location with pedestrian traffic to support my business. Throughout the entire process, she was responsive and sensitive to my needs, all attributes of a qualified and competent professional. It all worked out positively and I could not be happier.

Debi Kahn
Co-Owner, Downtown Yogurt®

It was crucial for me to find the right person in selecting a franchise attorney since I planned on buying not only a franchise unit but selling units on behalf of the franchisor as a developer. Well, we were fortunate to find Lisa to support and guide us though all the challenges related to our separate roles as unit owner and developer – both of which bring unique issues to the table.

Lisa is very thorough in her review of franchise and related agreements. She has an excellent understanding of franchise law, and truly looks out for the best interest of her clients.

I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone looking to purchase any type of franchise operation.

Duanne Elledge
Regional Director, WoodHouse Spa®

We, at My Elder Advocate™, could not have completed our Franchisor FDD and other legal documentation without Lisa's help. She has been both detail oriented, proactive and patient with our team. We had some complex issues around patents and trademarks, and Lisa worked with us and our IP lawyers to make sure that our franchise brand is protected, and that our franchisees will get a fair product from us. We plan on using Lisa for all our future franchise needs.

Claudine Halpern
COO, My Elder Advocate™

Lisa was a great advocate for me.

I was in a very difficult situation which went to litigation but resolved amicably, thanks to Lisa’s steadfast advice and competence. I was co-owner of an LLC which invested in the local real estate market during the boom of several years ago. While there were two other equal owners, they defaulted on their obligations, leaving me as the only one managing the company and the investment. To make matters worse, the bottom fell out of the real estate market, and I was about to lose everything. Lisa represented me against the other LLC owners in court. She convinced the Judge that my claims were meritorious, and soon after, the lawsuit settled. I was elated at the result for me . . . her knowledge, realistic assessments and professionalism, all contributed to a fabulous ending, all of which could not have been accomplished without her.

Diane Redvanly
Former owner, DLM, LLC

Lisa in a nutshell: outstanding, formidable, efficient, reasonable, and a pleasure to deal with. It gives you piece of mind to know that you have the best representing you when you go into a negotiation.

Joe Mayo, III
Owner, RE/MAX® franchise